School, Sports, Employment and DOT Physicals

Keeping People Safe with Physicals in Oviedo

There are a number of occasions that may call for physicals, including back to school, sports, employment and DOT. If you are looking to schedule an examination, you will likely do so at a full-service family physicians’ office. Alafaya Woods Family Medical Center treats both adult patients and children in the greater Oviedo area. Some of the different kinds of physicals that we offer include the following:

  • Back to school physicals: Both private and public schools often require students to undergo physicals before enrollment in order to ensure they are healthy and pose no risk.
  • Sport physicals: Sports can be physically strenuous, and it’s important to make sure participants are physically capable of handling the pressure. A physical is the best way to ensure this.
  • Employment physicals: Some companies require new hires and employees to undergo specific physicals before beginning work or as a condition of continuing work.
  • Camp physicals: Camps often require participants to be up to date on vaccines and free from disease as proven by a physical.
  • DOT physicals: If you are entering the field of commercial driving, you will likely be required to have a physical according to DOT standards before earning your CDL.

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If you’ve encountered an occasion to schedule a physical, you might be wondering which medical provider to go to in the Oviedo area. Alafaya Woods Family Medical Center specializes in physicals and general health care for clients in areas such as Chuluota, Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Orlando, Winter Park, Geneva and Casselberry. Whether you need an obstetrician or a general care provider, you can count on Alafaya Woods Family Medical Center for quality medical service. Make an appointment by calling us at 407-366-3577.