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Why Your Child Needs A Sports Physical

Often, before your child can participate in a sports league, they will need to have a sports physical. School-sponsored teams will require them and most youth leagues will as well. Basically, these leagues want to receive confirmation that your child is healthy enough to play sports. Alafaya Woods Family Medical Center is happy to provide these in Oviedo.
So what does a sports physical entail? It’s nothing for your child to be scared of, that’s for sure. First, a nurse will measure your child’s height, weight and blood pressure. Generally, the doctor will check their lungs, heart and circulation. The goal is to make sure your child can handle strenuous physical activity, so they may be required to jog, jump and other physical acts. Their reflexes, coordination, flexibility, vision and hearing will also be checked. If your son is receiving the physical, the doctor will also perform a genital exam to check for hernias.
Again, the goal of a sports physical is to determine if your child is physically fit enough to participate in their desire sport. The standards are different, as soccer and golf require different physical skills. A doctor will review the results and clear or bar your child from participation.
To schedule a sports physical for your child, call Alafaya Woods Family Medical Center at 407-366-3577.